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Build Beautiful User Interfaces

No need to learn React, HTML or CSS. Drag and drop components, connect them to data and make your app dynamic by triggering APIs
Table Component
Display data in columns with rich formatting options for dates, currencies, numbers, pills and conditional coloring. Choose client or server-side pagination and take action with inline buttons
Grid Component
Repeat a group of components to build a search results page, list of orders or gallery of images. Grids make these interfaces effortless.
Chart Component
Say goodbye to static BI dashboards and hello to dynamic read/write internal apps. Line, bar, column and scatter charts can live alongside forms and API calls
Map Component
Build location based apps and place pins on the map. Integrate your maps with other dynamic components like forms, charts, tables and more
Media Component
Integrate profile photos, security camera footage or more into your applications. Take any URL on the web and display the content automatically 
Form Component
Assemble forms on top of any data store quickly with Text Inputs, Dropdowns, Date Pickers, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes. Add client side or server side input validation with ease

Automate any Workflow. Schedule any Job

Integrate data from databases, SaaS applications, internal APIs and add business logic in code. Trigger Workflows by issuing API calls or schedule jobs every minute, hour, day or week
When a new support ticket is created

Read & write to production databases

Securely connect your database and query it with SQL. Reference parameters from the request
Query Postgres

Call any internal or 3rd party API

Use our Postman-like interface to call any REST, GraphQL or gRPC endpoints
Integration with Zendesk

Query your data warehouse

Read from Snowflake, Redshift or BigQuery and join with any other datasources
Query Snowflake

Write custom business logic

Implement functions to aggregate and transform in the language of your choice. Import any dependencies you need
Write Python Code

Query your cloud object store

Upload and manage files from any S3 buckets, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage
Manage S3 Buckets

Send notifications to your team

Send Slack messages, emails or SMS
Send Message to Slack

Break Down Silos, Integrate with Anything

Connect to databases, 3rd party apps, internal APIs via REST, GraphQL or gRPC. Join and transform data in one place
DatadogCockroachDBAWSgRPCJavascriptREST APIGraphQLPythonGoogle CloudAzureHadoop
RedshiftBigQueryDynamoDBMySQLAWS S3SnowflakePostgresGoogle SheetsElasticMongoDBRedisNeo4j

Extensibility Developers Love

Write code to extend any UI Component and integrations. Import any dependencies in your favorite language
Extend with Javascript

Extend Components with Javascript

Every component property and event handler allows you to open an escape hatch to write code. Anything inside {{ }} evaluates to Javascript
Build Custom Components

Import any Custom Component

Use any React or HTML components. Take advantage of our drag and drop interface, component property panel and event handling
Import Library

Import any Library and Dependencies

Superblocks comes out-of-the-box with Pandas, NumPy, Request, Arrow, Lodash, Moment and more. One click to add any custom library you need
Version Control

Version Control & 1-click Rollback

Generate a new version on every deploy. Integrate Github/Gitlab repo to enable code reviews. Rollback to any previous version without maintaining a CI/CD pipeline

Enterprise Grade Security and Compliance

We never store your customer data. Superblocks acts as a proxy in the cloud. Alternatively install our on-premise agent and your customer data never leaves your VPC.
On-Premise Agent

On-Premise Agent

The Superblocks agent runs within your VPC and keeps all customer data within your network. The agent is open-source, stateless and horizontally scalable

Granular Permissions

Set granular permissions to lock down developer ability to query a data source or end user ability to access an app or perform a specific action
Audit Logs

Audit Logging

Every user interaction is logged so admins can trace issues to users and past actions. Monitor every API, Workflow and Job execution centrally


Enable Single-Sign-On via Okta, Google or Microsoft for seamless identity access management for all your internal tools

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